the perfumer

the perfumer

Aden's perfume house was born out of the oriental inspiration his creator, the young artisan perfumer Legrand Florian, found when he met his wife.

With a particularly developed olfaction, his sense of smell was lulled by the spring scents of his childhood years.

His sensitivity to various scents gives him a unique olfactory requirement.

He was never satiffied, always seeking the rare gem among the existing effluence, but in vain.

So, he decided to create his own perfume.

After a journey full of failures and successes, questions and challenges, he embarked on the wonderful adventure of perfumery.

Our bottle

the perfume bottlethe perfume bottle

Our signature fragrance bottle, made of hexagonal glass engraved with gold, marks the contrast between East and West.

It is a reflection of luxurious sobriety.

Our perfumes

Our rare and original perfumes, created by artisan, will draw you into niche perfumery.

The quality of the raw materials chosen propels you into an enchanting universe.

The perfumer was highly inspired by the Middle East and Western perfumery and enriched by these two different worlds to create bewitching fragrances.

Let yourself be subjugated, the journey is just beginning...

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